Mini and Midi Rigs

  • Top Drives
  • Saver Subs
  • Crossover Subs
  • Drill Rods, from 1.10” OD through 4” OD
  • Starter rods
  • Hex Collars
  • Sonde Housings
  • Back Reamer / Hole Openers




Maxi Rigs

  • Quill Subs
  • Saver Subs
  • Crossover Subs
  • Drill Pipe from 3-1/2” through 7-5/8”
  • Bit Subs
  • Hole Openers

GP Drilling Supply can supply most anything for HDD Construction Drilling Industry, from the top drive through the bit.  GP Drilling Supply uses several OEM suppliers as well as other machine shops and drill pipe suppliers


Some of the toughest drilling environments in the world are drilling applications for installing pipelines and other subsurface equipment. The rotating and bending that is applied to drill pipe and tools used for HDD Construction is severe.  The torsion, tension and compression that is applied to drill pipe in the reaming application calls for the highest quality material available.

GP Drilling is the premier supplier for your Drill Pipe related needs