Drill Pipe

GP Drilling supply supplies both new and used drill pipe, sizes from 2.375” through 7-5/8” from various manufacturers.  GP Drilling Supply personnel has decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of drill pipe and proprietary connections. USED Drill pipe is inspected per API as well as TH Hill DS1 requirements.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

GP Drilling Supply supplies both integral and welded heavy weight drill pipe. Welded heavy weight drill pipe is manufactured by welding extra-long tool joints to heavy wall tubes.  Standard heavy weight tool joints are manufactured from AISA 1340 material and are designed to provide increased space for connection reworks. Integral heavy weight drill pipe is manufactured using AISI4124-4145 heat treated bars and are machined to print.

Drill Collars (Slick or Spiral)

GP Drilling Supply offers Drill Collars and finished Bars from 3-1/8” OD – 11” OD

Drill Collars are manufactured from AISI4124-4145 modified chemistry steel and are supplied on the as rolled surface finish condition.  Drill collars are trepanned and drifted to API Spec 7.1 and 7.2 latest editions.   A hardness range of 285-341, Brinnel and Charpy V-notch ,minimum impact strengths are guaranteed.

GP Drilling Supply drill collars threads are cold rolled and have the bore back and stress relief groove features.


  •    Kelly Subs
  •    Saver Subs
  •    Crossover Subs
  •    Lifting Subs
  •    IBOP’s
  •    Bit Subs

All subs are manufactured within API Specification 7.1 and 7.2 latest editions.  For the continual changes in drilling environments, GP Drilling Supply is staffed with personnel to help design specialty tools as needed and can be custom manufactured to customer specifications as well.



GP Drilling Supply, LLC offers both square and hexagon kellys. Our kellys are available in a variety of sizes from 3 ½” – 6” and in lengths of 37’, 40’, 46’ and 54’.