GP Drilling

With the increasing changes in drilling environments and finding ways to get to the bottom of the hole, it takes a group of people to make sure that the suppliers are keeping up with the Contractors and Operators needs.

GP Drilling Supply is that company.  With over 25 years in the design and manufacturing of drill pipe and tools in the drilling industry GP Drilling Supply, LLC has and will work with the customer until the right design of bottom hole assemblies and accessories are found.GP Drilling Supply is a supplier of drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, collars, subs and accessories to the Oilfield, HDD Construction Pipeline, Geothermal and Water Well Drilling Companies.

GP Drilling Supply group has sold drill pipe and accessories all over the world.  There are strategic manufacturers that we work with to save the contractors time and material movement costs.

Who Is GP Drilling

Our Company Mission
GP Drilling Supply, LLC wants to earn your business.  GPDS has vast experience in all drilling application and product design.  We pride ourselves on getting the customer what they need for special projects as well as every day drilling applications.
Our Experience
GP Drilling Supply, LLC has been involved in every aspect of Manufacturing, Design, Sales, Failure Analysis and Product inspection for over 25+ years. The founder of GP Drilling Supply has worked for the top Manufacturers of drill pipe and accessories in the World. GP Drilling Supply, LLC has the experience needed to work with their customers and find the right solutions.
World Wide Customers and Vendor Support
GP Drilling Supply personnel works with several mills around the World to ensure that our customers are getting the highest quality product available. All Drill Pipe, Heavy weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, Subs and other Accessories in the drilling industry go through intense torsion, tension and compression while drilling down hole.  Let the International experience of GP Drilling Supply help you with your design and drilling tool purchases.
We Can Deliver On Projects
GP Drilling Supply works with manufacturers and distributors around the world to supply their customers with the correct product in a timely fashion.  GP Drilling Supply has the product inventory or can locate the products that the customer needs for any drilling field in the USA or Internationally.  With limitless contacts in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Dakota, Colorado and Pennsylvania we can supply the customer with what you need, when you need it. GP Drilling Supply also has numerous contacts in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

Our Valuable Team Members

Gary HaubPresident - Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Haub has over 30 years of experience in the Oilfield, HDD Construction, Water Well and Mining Drilling industries.  He began his career owning Cimarron Pipe and Supply in Enid, Oklahoma and then went to work as Products Manager at GEFCO, a designer and manufacturer of portable drilling rigs and related equipment based in Oklahoma.  He co-founded Drill Tube International in 1996 and served as Vice President of Operations.  18 months later, Drill Tube International was acquired by Grant Prideco, and Mr. Haub remained with the business for the next seven years, as Senior Sales Engineer.  Mr. Haub has held top positions at two other companies that are continuing to grow today.  His skill set in design and product development has helped several contractors get their jobs accomplished easier. On a personal note, Gary likes to cook, watch Nascar, Football and about any other Sport that he can.  He is married, with three grown children one daughter at Oklahoma State and the other at Texas A&M and the oldest male works with him at GP Drilling Supply, LLC.
Chip DahlExecutive Vice President
Chip Dahl has been in the Oil Industry for the past 10 years and has been with GP Drilling Supply and its predecessors for the past 5 years, serving most recently as the Sales Manager and Marketing Director. Mr. Dahl joined the company in 2009 serving in various positions through the company before becoming Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Previous to joining GP Drilling Supply Mr. Dahl worked as Project Manager and Sales for Columbus McKinnon, a worldwide material handling company, focusing on the Oil and Gas industry. Prior to joining Columbus McKinnon Mr. Dahl spent 10 years working in various management roles with the IBM Corporation, culminating as a Service Delivery Manager responsible for driving Sales in the North East U.S.A. sector.
Wendy HaubChief Financial Officer
Mrs. Haub started in the drilling industry in 1998 with Drilltube International/Grant Prideco in their accounting department. Upon leaving Drilltube she remained in the industry, traveling to many trade shows with her husband Gary Haub and spending time visiting with Vendors as well as Customers from all over the world, and continuing to learn various aspects of the drilling industry. Wendy helped with the start up of Drillstem Products, LLC in 2003 and was the Vice President as well as CFO until the company sold.  Still today she works with Gary as Vice President/Partner and again, CFO for GP Drilling Supply, LLC.  Wendy has been in accounting for 20+ years and around the drilling industry since 1998.